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Optimized for EC2

Whether you need to run just one build or a thousand builds at the same time, Travis CI gives you the means to scale up capacity based on demand. What works best on EC2 is easily possible on your own infrastructure as well.

EC2 dashboard

Access Control

Travis CI is fully utilizing access permissions from GitHub and GitHub Enterprise, allowing you to configure access to builds and projects on a very granular level. You can use LDAP or SAML to manage access for all your services in one place.

level crossing

Supports your workflow

Whether your team uses GitHub Flow, feature branches or commits directly to master,
Travis CI Enterprise supports your way of shipping code. Travis CI integrates well with
GitHub to give your team the highest confidence shipping their code.

Github and Travis

Works great with GitHub Enterprise

Travis CI Enterprise is built to integrate deeply with the best source code
management tool for your servers out there, GitHub Enterprise. It works well with, if you want to be able to scale out your own build infrastructure.

Scales and grows
with your team

Travis CI Enterprise allows you to scale build infrastructure up and down based on demand. Whether you have 10 or 1000 developers using it, you'll benefit from our experience building and operating a continuous integration service at scale.

Team construction

Build on Docker for
full customization

Whether you want to use our default build environment or bring your own customized setup to further speed up your feedback loop, Travis CI Enterprise gives you full control over what services and libraries are available for every build.

Happy Docker whale

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